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About Us

Milagrow HumanTech is the No.1 Domestic Robots company in India. Through our website you can get the fastest access to a wide range of technologically advanced products at the most affordable prices.

Domestic Robots

In January 2012, Milagrow launched the World's Leading Home Cleaning Robots in India. The RedHawk, which is today India's No. 1 home robot, is dedicated to India's only Badminton Olympic medalist, Saina Nehwal, and her coach P. Gopichand. Then came the World's 1st Window Cleaning Robot. The latest introduction is the World's 1st Massaging Robot which has received great publicity worldwide after its launch in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Recently, our pioneering efforts were recognised internationally when we were mentioned in a Financial Times (London) in an article on the 'Future of Robots.'

In the year 2014, we have added Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots, Lawn Mowing Robots and are going to add many more new Consumer Robots to our portfolio.

But where did this all start?

Set up in 2007, Milagrow came into existence with the aim of offering support to growth seeking - micro, small and medium businesses through its venture catalyst division and filling their 'Management Capital' need gaps.



We get you the most technologically advanced products at the most affordable prices. And they come directly to you, eliminating all middle-men, which allows us to give you the best prices which no one can match.

2. We have NEVER EVER paid a bribe. 

We are an anti-corruption organisation, not just by our words, but by actions. Doing ethical business in India is even harder than we thought when we first embarked on this journey but we are strong to our promise. Mahatma Gandhi's words serve as continuous motivation, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." With your support we wish to see a corruption free India someday. Once again, we have NEVER paid a bribe. We don't plan to change that. EVER. (Trust us, the peaceful sleep at night is really worth it!)

3. We are 100% Indian.

Then: Founded in India. By Indians. For Indians. Now: Still 100% Indian owned.