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iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro

iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro
iMap Max 24 Ultra Pro

IMap Max 24 Ultra Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner All-in-One Fully Automatic Self Navigating And Self Cleaning Robot With Auto-Empty Dustbin. Lidar & SLAM With RT2R 2.0 Technology. Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/sec. World's Largest 8L Dual Water Tank & 3.5L Auto-emptying Dust-bag For 70 Days Handsfree Cleaning. It Has Pressure Mopping With Self Mop Wash & Dry Technology To Clean Stubborn Dirt & Stains. Retractable Side Brush For Corners & Difficult Areas Cleaning. Japanese Brushless Motor With 8200Pa Suction Power. BIS Certified Cells And EV Grade 5800mAh Battery. Which Improves The Battery Life 30% More Compared To Normal Battery. It Has 20% Higher Run Time Than Conventional Battery. It Is Made In India. The Robot Can Create & Remembers Maps Of Multiple Floors.



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  1. India's First Wet & Dry Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Hot Water Mop Washing. The Docking Station Blows 55-degree Hot Water Through 4L Fresh Water Tank & Washes The Mops & Blows 45-degree Hot-air For Drying And Removes Bacteria, Odour Caused By Moisture.
  2. Experience The Next Level Of Mopping. The Brand-new Auto-lift Mopping System Lifts The Mopping Pads When Vacuuming The Carpet. Keeping The Rug And Carpet Clean And Dry. The IMap Max-24 Turbo Pressurized Spinning Mop Offers Premium Scrubbing Capability And Cleans The Edges, Giving Your Floor A Better Clean Than Flat And Vibrating Mops.
  3. The Most Powerful Robot With 8200Pa Suction And An Upgraded Tangle-free Roller Brush. IMap Max-24 Is Completely Removes Dirt And Dust Stuck In The Floor Crevices And Carpet. The Docking Station Empties The Robot Automatically And Gives Upto 70 Days Handsfree Cleaning With 3.5L Large Disposable Dustbag.
  4. Powerful BIS Certified Cells 5800mAh Battery With Run Time Upto 300 Min. Cleans Upto 4000 Sq.ft Area.
  5. Knows Your Home Better Than You. No Matter How Complicated Your Home Is, IMap Max-24 Optimal True RT2R 2.0 Mapping Technology Can Conduct A 360° Scan Of The Home Environment. The Detection Accuracy For Small Objects Is 4 Times Higher Than LDS, Resulting In Quicker And More Precise Mapping.
  6. Unique Automatic Water Fill Function Ensures That The Unique AI Powered Auto Rotate Mopping System Rotates Upto 200 Times Per Minute, Efficiently Scrubs Hard Dirt And Stains Off The Floor While Applying Upto 20N Pressure.
  7. Warranty 1 Year
Product warranty

1yrs Warranty

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Priority Care

Priority Care

Robotic Software GenerationMilagrow BharatBot 0.24
Battery5800 mAh
Battery Info.BIS Certified Cells and EV Grade Battery, Battery 30% higher life compared to normal batteries, 20% higher run time than conventional batteries, Made In India
Max Working Time (Min)300 min.
Max Coverage upon full battery4000 Sq. Ft.(in Mopping mode only)
Battery TechnologyLithium ion EV Grade
Battery Voltage14.4 V
Time for Full Charge (hours)4-5 hours
Total Number of Sensors42 Accurate Sensors
Mapping TechnologyRT2R 2.0 Technology
Lidar Range16 metre with accuracy of upto 8mm
Image MappingRT2R 2.0 Technology - Real time terrain recognition technology with LDS Lidar & SLAM. It is the same technology which is used in unmanned vehicles and helps the robot to be fully independent in terms of navigation. It is the ultimate in robotic mapping technology and is much faster and accurate than any other mapping like Camera based VSLAM or Gyro mapping.
Live Map Display on MobileiMap Max-24 will display the real time progress and map while cleaning, on your device and remember the cleaned vs uncleaned areas and update it in real time. 
Laser Scan SystemScans 6*360 degree/sec 5000 time/sec. iMap Max-24 LDS can work accurately even in dark places. Human view angle is 120-130 degree, other LDS in market can only reach 1800 time/s. 16 meter distance and +/- 8mm accuracy
Real-Time Path PlanningCalculates Ideal Path in real time to memorize and reduce time taken
Area Cleaned DisplayDisplays Cleaned and Left Area and comes back to Clean the Left out Areas in case work is stopped midway
Move from One Room to AnotherAfter cleaning one room the robot will go to another room, without assistance
Memory FunctionNo matter how many rooms are and their size. Even after battery depletion the robot will recharge and resume from the point it left cleaning.
Zoning and Sequential CleaningPrioritize zones by marking them on the mobile app map & then ordering sequential cleaning multiple times a day for different areas each time.
Virtual WallPrevents robot from going into unwanted areas simply by demarcating the area on the mobile app.
Multiple Floor Mapping and MemoryThe iMap Max can store multiple maps for different floors eliminating the need of making and marking zones or unwanted areas everytime you change the floors
AC Adapter Specifications
Unit (Average Power Consumption)20W-27W
OutputDC 24V/1800mA
Suction Power(Pa)8200Pa
Suction Modes4 modes, from 2200pa to 8200pa
Working Speed0.35 m/s.
Cleaning Functions & Performance
Air Purification & Filtration 
HEPA Filter GradeiMap Max 24 comes with 2 HEPA 13 filters. Filter Efficiency HEPA 13 - 99.97% @ 0.3 micron. 99.5% efficiency upto 0.1 micron. They can filter out impurities and particles in the air, such as viruses, respirable dust, mites eggs and excretions, mold, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mites or cigarette smoke, asbestos, various toxic dusts and aerosols from the air, dander, allergens from the fur of dogs or cats. Virions (or “particles”) of COVID19 are spherical particles between 0.06 micron and 0.14 micron in diameter, averaging about 0.125 micron, measured by electron microscope (Zhu et al, 2020). This means that coronavirus particles are smaller than PM2.5, but larger than some dust and gas particles
Wet and Dry Cleaning
Water Tank for Wet CleaningYes with 2 tanks, each of 4-4L capacity. One for clean water and one for sewage water
Wet Mop CleaningiMap Max 24 comes with 2 water tanks. Both 4L each. One for clean water and one for sewage water. The clean water can take normal disinfectants as well as sodium hypochlorite 1% solution. The robot comes back after cleaning a certain area which you set for it and self cleans itself. The clean water tank sprinkles water on the mop and the static scrubbers scrub every pc of dirt from it with hot water and blow 45-degree hot air to make them dry. The wet mopping is done with a pressure of 20 Newtons to remove stubborn dirt and stains.
Antimicrobial Microfiber MopYes, 2 Rotating Mops with automatic 55 degree hot water washing & 45 degree hot air mop drying technology
Pressure Mopping20N Pressure
Cleaning ModesThe fastest and smartest mapping and self-navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in the world. iMap Max performs its functions in a remarkably intelligent way. As it instantly and accurately scans the working space 360 degrees, it precisely moves between rooms. With its real-time terrain recognition technology, it decides the most effective route and the most suitable cleaning method. Also, It allows users to check the real-time cleaning performance of iMap Max regardless of location, on their mobile device.
Edge to Edge and Wall CleaningYes
Automatic Double CleaningIn Spot
S ShapeLive Map
Turbo ModeYes
Spot CleaningYes, This mode entails an option to apply a one-time or square cleaning area by drawing a zone on the mobile app.
Robotic 6th Sense
Real Time Map Building TechnologyRT2R 2.0 Technology - Real time terrain recognition technology with LDS Lidar. IMap Max 24 uses the disruptive Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for constructing or updating the map of home or office environment while simultaneously keeping track of an the Robot's location within the map.
Robotic Wi-Fi ControlYes
Robotic Remote ManagementYes
Robotic Water Tank for Wet CleaningYes
Robotic Stair and Fall SensorYes
Robotic Obstacle and Optical SensorYes
Robotic Self DiagnosisYes
Robotic Accelerometer SensorSpeed Adjustor
Robotic Gyro SensorYes
Robotic Extra Dirt SensorYes
Robotic Virtual WallPrevents robot from going into unwanted areas simply by demarcating the area on the mobile app.
Pre-Scheduled Robotic CleaningOn Mobile Remote Control with Real Time Clock multiples times a day & different times a week.
Robotic Self ChargingYes
Robotic Laser Sensor (LDS)Yes
Robotic Bumper SensorsYes
Robotic Distance SensorYes
Robotic Cliff SensorsYes
Robotic Manoeuvres in small areasYes
Robotic Wall SensorYes
Robotic Sensing of Carpets and Other FloorsThe iMap Max 24 automatically senses the carpets and when the robot climbs on top of it the mopping attachments lifts up automatically to prevent the dirtying or wetting of the carpet.
Robotic Side BrushThe side brush to clean the corners and difficult spaces with more efficiently.
Processor Chip (Quad Core/Octa Core)G1 Octa Core Processor
Brand's Country of OriginIndia
Technical Information
Floating Brush SystemYes
Quad Brush Cleaning SystemYes
Anti Slip TyresYes
One Time Full Go (minutes)Upto 300 min in standard testing conditions
Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing AbilityYes
Climb CapabilityUpto 20mm
Pet Hair RemovalYes
Cleaning Width370 mm
Main Brush Cleaning Width mm160 mm
AI, IOT & Wi-Fi Controls
Mobile appYes
Scheduling over Wi-FiYes
Robot HotspotYes
AI Automation and ScenarioYes, You can automate & build multiple scenarios for your IMap Max
Multiple Robots ControlYou can control multiple robots of IMap from single mobile device, in the same app and thereby divide a large cleaning area between multiple units. You can also control other IOT appliances from the same app, even of other brands.
Family ManagementYou can add unlimited members to share the device for this purpose.
Additional Specifications
Floor Robot Noise Level (db)Upto 55 db
Floor Robot LED DisplayYes
Floor Robot Button TypeCapacitive
Floor Robot Rated Power55W
Floor Robot Average Power20W-55W
Floor Robot Input Voltage100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 24 V through charging station
Floor Robot Output VoltageDC 14.4 V, 630 ma
Floor Robot Height (mm)75.7 mm
Floor Robot Base Clearance (mm)20 mm
Floor Robot Total Height (mm)97.5 mm
Floor Robot Diameter (mm)350 mm
Floor Robot Dimensions (W*H) mm350x97.5
Floor Robot Net Weight (Kg)3.7 Kg
Floor Robot Temperature Range(-)10 to 45 C
Floor Robot Humidity RangeLess Than 90 H
Floor Robot ColourWhite
Floor Robot Top Surface FinishWhite, IML surface
Floor Robot MaterialABS, PC, PA6
DustBin & Water Tank
Main DustBin Size3.5 L
Dustbin TypeAntibacterial Disposable Dust-bag
Exhaust FilterHEPA 13
Primary FilterNylon & Sponge double layered
Water Tank Wet Cleaningwater tanks, 4L each. One for clean water and one for sewage water
Mop Size for Wet Mopping mm350 x95 mm
Dimension of the docking station472 X 400 X 445 mm
Inside PackingPaper Mache- Industrial Packing
Gift Box With Varnish or PlainBrown Box
Box Dimensions (HxWXD)475 x 440 X 520 mm
Gross Weight Box (kg)14 Kg
CertificationBIS, CE(LVD,EMC) & Rohs
Product Warranty
Robot Warranty1 Year Warranty
Inside the Box
In the Box 
  • Charging Dock
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack Installed
  • 2 Water tank
  • Micro fiber mop - 2(installed)
  • Side Brush - 1 Installed
  • HEPA Filter-1
  • Instruction Manual
  • Main Dustbin Installed