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BlackCat 23 Pro

BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro
BlackCat 23 Pro

The BlackCat 23 Pro Uses The Gyro Mapping Technology And Provides Full Wet Mopping With A Water Tank Of 310 Ml Capacity, 250 Ml Large Dustbin, Builds Map In Real Time Based On Gyro Mapping, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which Has 2700Pa Suction Power, Upto 150 Minutes Non-stop Cleaning, 4 Cleaning Modes, Pet Hair Cleaning, Robotic Obstacle & Fall Sensors, Robotic Self Charging.



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About this product

  1. 2600mAh Battery Works Upto 110 Min, Can Cover Upto 1800sqft. Area.
  2. Strong 2700Pa Suction.
  3. Dust-box With 250ml And Watertank With 310ml Capacity.
  4. 3-stage Antibacterial Hepa 12 Filter.
  5. Milagrow BharatBot 0.24 RT2R Software.
  6. Microfiber Mop Holds 3 Times Of Water With Spot Cleaning Option.
  7. OTA Upgrade For New Features.
  8. World's First Robot With 3 Year Warranty On The Battery And Suction Motor. Robot Warranty Is 1 Year.
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1yrs Warranty

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Priority Care

Robotic Software Generation
Software GenerationBharatBot 0.24 Software Generation
Mapping Technology
Image MappingUses Gyro Mapping technology. It uses Earths gravity to help determine orientation. With a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the centre of a larger and more stable wheel the gyroscope maintains its level of effectiveness by being able to measure the rate of rotation around a particular axis. When gauging the rate of rotation around the roll axis of the robot, it identifies an actual value until the object stabilizes out.
Live Map Display on MobileWill display the real time progress and map while cleaning, on your device.
Real-Time Path PlanningPlans Path in real time in a given area to reduce the time taken
Area Cleaned DisplayDisplays Cleaned area
Move from One Room to AnotherCleans with gyro mapping algorithm and as it sees it keeps cleaning
Virtual WallVia Magnetic Strip which comes with the Robot
Air Purification & Healthcare Functions
HEPA or Anti-Bacteria FiltersHuman Eye can detect upto 10 Microns. It is estimated that about 40% of Indoor pollutants are smaller than 0.3 microns. They include Bacteria, Viruses, Gases, VOC, Mold, and Fungi which can be very harmful
HEPA Filter GradeFilter Efficiency HEPA 12 - 99.97% @ 0.3 micron. 99.5% efficiency upto 0.1 micron. They can filter out impurities and particles in the air, such as viruses, respirable dust, mites eggs and excretions, mold, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mites or cigarette smoke, asbestos, various toxic dust and aerosols from the air, dander, allergens from the fur of dogs or cats. Virions (or “particles”) of COVID19 are spherical particles between 0.06 microns and 0.14 microns in diameter, averaging about 0.125 microns, measured by electron microscope (Zhu et al, 2020). This means that coronavirus particles are smaller than PM2.5 but larger than some dust and gas particles
Covid Spore Removal from FloorYou can use the Sodium Hypochorite 1% solution in the water tank as recommeneded by IMA
Wet and Dry CleaningDoes simultaneous Dry and full wet mopping with a water tank of 0.11L capacity. Comes with 2 antimicrobial mops. Suction power can be set between 800 Pa to 2700 Pa in 3 levels. It also has iBoost technology to increase suction on its own when required.
Antimicrobial Microfiber MopAnti Bacterial, Anti Microbial, Anti Virus 0.5 micron microfiber cloth mop helps minimize the spread of infections in hospitals and similar environments. These microfibers are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles—ones that normal cloth fibres (positively giant in comparison) crudely brush past. If forces were visible, you'd be able to see that there are adhesive forces (the forces of attraction) between microfibers and dirt.
Robotic 6th Sense
Real Time Map Building TechnologyBuilds Map in real time based on Gyro Mapping.
Robotic Wi-Fi ControlYes
Robotic Remote ManagementIconic-easy to use interface enables you to manage the robot from anywhere, anytime via a Mobile Internet Device.
Robotic Water Tank for Wet CleaningYes
Robotic Stair and Fall SensorYes
Robotic Obstacle and Optical SensorYes
Robotic Self DiagnosisYes
Robotic Accelerometer SensorSpeed Adjustor
Robotic Gyro SensorYes
Robotic Extra Dirt SensorYes
Pre-Scheduled Robotic CleaningOn Mobile Remote Control with Real Time Clock multiples times a day & different times a week.
Robotic Self ChargingYes
Robotic Voice PromptsNo
Software UpgradeOver the Air
Robotic Cloud StorageYes
Robotic Bumper SensorsYes
Robotic Distance SensorYes
Robotic Cliff SensorsYes
Robotic Manoeuvres in small areasYes
Robotic Wall SensorYes
Total Number of Sensors18 Accurate Sensors
Cleaning Functions & Performance
Water Tank for Wet CleaningYes with 310 ml
Wet Mop CleaningFull wet mopping with a water tank capacity of 310ml. Comes with 2 antimicrobial mops
Quad Brush Cleaning System2 Side Brushes
Anti Slip Tyres16 mm width
One Time Full Go (minutes)Upto 150 Minutes
Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing AbilityYes
Climb Capability20 mm
Suction PowerNIDEC Brushless motor, which has 2700Pa suction power, maximizes the cleaning power
Pet Hair RemovalYes
Working Speed (meters/second)0.30 m/s
Cleaning Width370 mm
Main Brush Cleaning Width mm150 mm
Turbo Suction800- 2700 3 levels, iBoost Technology
Number of Side Brushes1 with 3 Bristles
All in One Cover Design for SuctionYes. Use with or without the brush
Main Brush Bristles TypeUnbreakable Silk Nylon PA 66 long lasting brush
Types of CleaningOnly Mopping, Only Vacuuming, Mopping & Vacuuming
Cleaning Algorithms & Modes
Cleaning ModesSmart self-navigating Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has 4 cleaning modes - Smart, Wall Follow, Spiral and Manual
Edge to Edge and Wall CleaningYes
S ShapeYes with Map
Turbo Mode3 levels of suction - Strong, Normal, Mute
Spot CleaningSpiral Cleaning at a place
Cleaning Surfaces
Smooth Tiles CleaningYes
Flat Carpet CleaningYes
Hard Floor CleaningYes
Wood Floor CleaningYes
Glass Floor CleaningYes
Marble Floor CleaningYes
Linoleum Floor CleaningYes
Slippery TileYes
Short Hair Carpet CleaningYes
AI, IOT & Wi-Fi Controls
Mobile appYes
Scheduling over Wi-FiYes
Robot HotspotYes
AI Automation and ScenarioYes
Multiple Robots ControlYou can control multiple robots from a single mobile device, in the same app and thereby divide a large cleaning area between multiple units. You can also control other IoT appliances from the same app, even of other brands.
Family ManagementYou can add unlimited members to share the device for this purpose.
Self Preservation & Diagnosis
Low BatteryYes
Fall Sensor BlockedYes
Wall Sensor FailingYes
Front Bumper StuckYes
Wheel StuckYes
Wheel LiftedYes
Suction BlockedYes
Main Brush StuckYes
Side Brush StuckYes
Battery ConnectionYes
Not ChargingYes
Vacuum Motor OverloadedYes
Battery OverheatingYes
Robot Detects Error and Sends to MobileYes
Additional Specifications
Floor Robot Noise Level (dB)40 dB to 62 dB
Floor Robot LED DisplayYes
Floor Robot Button TypeYes
Floor Robot Rated Power24W
Floor Robot Average Power18-24W
Floor Robot Input Voltage100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 14.4 V through charging station
Floor Robot Output VoltageDC 19 V, 600 ma
Floor Robot Height (mm)60 mm
Floor Robot Base Clearance (mm)22 mm
Floor Robot Total Height (mm)82 mm
Floor Robot Diameter (mm)330 mm
Floor Robot Dimensions (W*H) mm330x82 mm
Floor Robot Net Weight (Kg)3.1 Kg
Floor Robot Temperature Range(-)10 to 45 C
Floor Robot Humidity RangeLess Than 90 H
Floor Robot ColourBlack
Floor Robot Top Surface FinishBlack
Floor Robot MaterialABS, PC, PA8
DustBin & Water Tank
Main DustBin Size250 ml
Dustbin TypeThe triple filter system, Bagless, Back
Exhaust FilterHEPA 12 Anti Covid
Primary FilterNylon
Water Tank Wet Cleaning310 ml
Mop Size for Wet Mopping mm286x136 mm
Secondary FilterSponge
Docking Station Specifications
Charging Dock Range (Meters)The robot will find its way back to the charging station if it has started from where if the docking station is placed without obstructions.
Docking Station Dimension LXWXH144.5x134x94.5 mm
Input VoltageDC 14 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Range(-)10 to 45 C
Operating Humidity RangeLess Than 90 H
Max Working Time (Min)150 Minutes
Max Coverage upon full battery1500 Sq Ft
Battery TechnologyLithium ion With LG Cell, Customer Replaceable
Battery Voltage14.4 V
Time for Full Charge (hours)3 hours
Battery capacity2600 mAh
AC Adapter Specifications
Unit Average Power20W-30W
OutputDC 19V/600mA
Charging DockYes
Rechargeable Battery PackYes
Water TankYes
Microfiber mop1
Side Brush1 Installed + 1  Extra
HEPA Filter1+1
Instruction ManualYes
Main DustbinYes
Main Brush Cleaning ToolYes
Magnetic Strip For 'No Go' AreasYes 1 meter
Inside PackingPaper Mache
Gift Box With Varnish or PlainWhite Box
Box Dimensions (HxWXD)347x431x122 mm
Gross Weight Box (kg)9 Kg
CertificationCE(LVD,EMC) & Rohs
Product Warranty
Robot Warranty1 year warranty on Robot, 3 year on Battery and 3 year on suction motor. 

In the Box:

  • Charging Dock
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Water Tank
  • Charger
  • Microfiber mop - 1
  • Side Brush: 2 Installed + 2 Extra
  • HEPA Filter: 1+1
  • Main Dustbin
  • Magnetic Strip For 'No Go' Areas - 1 meter
  • Instruction Manual